Monday, December 27, 2010

Man proposes and God laughs!

They say it’s all in the mind. We design own lives. Of course, we try ... but there are things out there... which we don't know. Why we connect to some people and find others evil and a few others simply bland? There is no logic to sentiments, no manual for fate; there are no Ifs for love and no buts for emotions. I still believe there is magic in the world. I feel wonderful things will happen. I trust that extra-ordinary things do happen to ordinary people.... people like you, me and us.

But I know that it’s not in our hands, what we can do, is try and hope and wish and pray... but flowers bloom in its own time, luck has its own entourage and yes, there are surprises, around the corner... good, bad, ugly...

Man proposes and God laughs!

God laughs at our endeavor to comply with everything- Our zest to be a certified good person, socially, morally, ethically, professionally, and by means of all "--ly". We don't dare to question anything. What is has been and shall be.....We continue the legacy. And feel so proud about it. We give up and call it maturity.

We obsess so much of our new found sanity that we put blinders on our perspective and even wrap our dreams with the curtains of “Should Be’s”. We do not want to be the spoil sport. We bow to be accepted and eventually accept anything to reach that.

Welcome to reality!

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