Thursday, December 9, 2010

This too shall pass.....

Life is strange, isn't it? One moment you are on the top of the world and the next moment you find yourself in a gulf. Looking back you think - Did I do that? yes, of course, I did it. but then you fail to realize why you did so....

Tough times bring you back to reality. It makes your pride vanish. You become humble, honest and caring. You start becoming human.

But you don't feel happy. You still feel sad. You want to be happy, naturally. But things don't happen the way YOU want it to. Life has its own route of twists and turns.

I realize that God makes you stumble a little to control your pace, so that you don't run in to the deep holes. God gives us small problems so that we can be ready for the big ones.

But again, anything and everything that happens, has some good plans behind it, cause God makes them.... God cannot be wrong. I fully believe that.

I know this phase will pass too.... I'll be happy again. The happiness which will be mine, for which I will not fear, nor have guilt. I know it'll come, I know that.

Didi said I am adventurous- I take giant strides, sometimes I get lucky and get success - big time......if I fail, failure comes in the same magnanimity too. So, its a gamble. She takes low coins and is happy with the small results. I go with my instincts. Don't know why.... I do what my heart says.... at times end up in trouble.

But then sad phase of life makes us realize the beauty of good times. It makes us appreciate the people who have been good to us.

I am glad that I am not an average 'people' - walking on the pathway, I take the un-chartered road, I might fall down , I might get lost, I might die, but I am happy that I try.

God, plz bless me that I should never let go of this spirit. I should be always brave and curious to see what if...

But I should also take good care of my family and self, of my name and reputation. I will not do harm to anyone. I will not do anything that is wrong.

Thanks God for saving me ! for giving me another opportunity and for making me realize my mistake. I know your warning will help me reach bigger heights in life.

God, help me get my confidence and happiness back. help me keep my family happy. help me bond & connect with my husband and respect him for his ingenuity and simplicity. help me think about us instead of me.

God, give me the vision to see the difference between good and bad and to chose the correct path so that I can give good things to the world.

Help me take the right step at the right time and reach the right place, to be with the right people.

I love you God!

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Avinash Agarwal said...

Beautiful & gracious thoughts. May God always be with us in all our pursuits. Family indeed is the most important pillar & key support system of our lives- without which we fail and loose ourselves completely. Ghar Pariwaar mein khushiyan khojein hum, to mun ki peeda ho jaaye kuch kum.
May God bestow his blessings on us.